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Welcome Message

Welcoming Remarks

The climate changes presently faced by the planet point out for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the forthcoming years. Therefore, CO2 utilization will play a major role in the efforts of the society towards a more sustainable society.

The International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU) has been held since 1991 in a different part of the globe. ICCDU is the most famous academic conference on carbon dioxide capture, separation, utilization and policy related aspects.

This exciting event occurs annually since 2015, and ICCDU 2020 will be hosted by KAIST in the Metropolitan City of Daejeon that is the central place for Science and Technology in South Korea.

We urge many of our colleagues to come to KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea to participate in the ICCDU 2020.

Jae W. Lee, Chair of ICCDU2020    |    Sang-Eon Park, Co-chair of ICCDU2020

Jae W. Lee
Sang-Eon Park